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We need your help and support in the following areas.  Please let us know how you would like to help.


I’d like to help in the following ways:

  1. #*Display bumper stickers, window/door signs, & yard signs. Just ask for them
  2. *Call voters. Romney campaign Training is easy – we need hundreds of people
  3. *Help recruit volunteers – friends and acquaintances, and call prior volunteers
  4. Door Knockers and support DRIVERS (need 400). Training & a script is provided!
  5. Precinct Coordinator of Volunteers – we need120 –this requires significant work
  6. #Poll watch on Election Day. Training is provided – we need 300 for one day only
  7. *Research and data entry on spreadsheets as assigned
  8. #Identify landowners willing for us to place 4’ x 8’ signs in high traffic areas
  9. #Event attendees to March in Parades, etc., often on short notice – as invited
  10. #Provide rides for voters on election day
  11.  *#Attorneys on call for the Romney campaign for issues/recounts on Election Day
  12. #Find Obama voters willing to publicize why they will vote for Romney this time
  13. College Adviser(s) to work with UNI and Hawkeye Tech groups
  14. *Monitor the Democrat events/activity plans and inform County Coordinator
  15. *#Help write letters to the editors – we have a team, but we need more people
  16. Answer calls at the County Committee office on Falls Avenue in Waterloo

Other: volunteer a special talent you have, or ask about even more needs that come up.


The jobs above are in priority order. * indicates work is all done from home. # indicates minimal effort required.

Identify all item numbers that interest you, then contact us through this website or call the Republican headquarters in Waterloo at 319-233-2183 and leave a message.

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